8 Mile.

Sometimes I feel like quittin. I still might. –Eminem


I wish I could say that when I went on my first 8 mile walk/run this past Saturday that I listened to the 8 Mile soundtrack the whole time. Instead I thought of it today.

The path went along a much more picturesque Lake Overholser rather than Detroit’s mean streets. At times I wanted to turn around early. Instead I gutted it out for chocolate milk at the end.

It took me 2 1/2 hours. Not speedy by most standards. I walked nearly the whole time but I kept a steady pace. I’m not embarrassed that I walked it. That lead to a much more enjoyable, doable  experience.

Periodically I will be asked if I “just walked” or if I ran at least part of the way when I have mentioned a workout. Does it really make a difference? Please don’t deflate my feeling of accomplishment because it doesn’t meet your standards of speed or agility.

My feet hurt from kicking so much ass.


Running on Improv, Part II

For the 2nd weekend in a row, I was able to combine two of my passions: improv and running!

Saturday morning, I joined Molly, Jenn and Stefanie for 6 miles with Landrunners. After a delicious breakfast at Cattlemen’s I cane home and napped 2 hours.  High temperature was around 40 degrees

Then last night I performed a show with The Chairold. Somehow after all that I managed to stay out until nearly 2 am without falling asleep. Good company will do that!


Today was a sunny 62 degrees. I met Molly, Stefanie, Amy and Alli for the Colder 5K. Stephanie and Angela were there too.

Life is good.


Spanakopita Potatoes


Opa! Last week I found a recipe that combines the flavors of my favorite Greek  appetizer with a baked potato. Half of a medium sized potato was plenty.  Paired it with tomatoes  and cucumbers. For leftovers today I am eating chicken with it

I figured yo the WW points to be 6



Running on Improv

In the From Fat to Finish Line group just now, someone commented to me that she missed doing improv. It occurs to me that without improv I would most likely not be training for this half marathon. Allow me to elaborate.

Almost 8 years ago, my friend Jodi invited me to see her perform an improv show. During the show, they mentioned classes being available. I decided to enroll in the class offered in January 2011. I had the most fun! I had not done anything for myself as an adult purely because I wanted to do it.

Sometime the following year I took a hiatus from improv, but I really missed it. In January 2013 I took an improv class that focused on relationships and how to create authentic scenes on stage. That summer, I enrolled in a two-part Harold class and The Chairold was born. We performed our first student show that September. This fall, Danny, Kristy and I will celebrate 5 years together. We’ve added others in between and some have left. We are having the most fun.

I’ve gained confidence, a love for myself and a love for teamwork and fun.

What does this all I have to do with running? I present Exhibit A.

The infamous Scooterprov Danny Birthday Show in January 2015. I had no idea how poor nutrition and a lack of cardio had made me look.

In January 2015, I had decided to walk in a 5K that March. I just wanted to finish and not die. On a sunny Sunday, I put on some old athletic shoes and went to the University of Oklahoma for a walk. I had been lifting weights consistently for about 6 months, but this training to walk a 5K was totally new to me. I walked over a mile that day then went to the grocery store. By the time I got home I had the worst pain in my foot. The next day I went to the podiatrist and learned that I had a horrible case of tendinitis.

Plans for that 5K? Dashed.

That Friday I had a Chairold improv show. I rented a knee scooter so I could perform and it became our most favorite guest performer ever.

While I was sidelined from my walks, I worked on strength training and nutrition.  I continued working on improv too.

2015 became a catalyst year for me. Having that tendinitis and the subsequent focus on my health was an eye opening experience for me. I had gotten so used to the status quo in my life. I was in a funk and I didn’t know how to get out of it.

In 2016, I finally got to complete that 5K, RunLucky, in honor of my adopted grandpa OJ. After I crossed that finish line, I felt the same joy and exuberance that I felt after I finished my first Level One improv performance. I finished this race in 58 minutes and some change. At times I thought I would die.

After 20 plus races and at least that many improv shows, I still feel that same bundle of emotions all at once anytime I perform in a show or walk/run in a race: fear of failure and WTF (where’s the finish) coupled with an overabundance of joy and accomplishment.

So it took me until I was nearly 40 to figure out one piece of my joy. I was in my 40s once I found the next piece. Who knows what’s in store next.

I know 5Ks and half marathons and stage performances don’t trip everyone’s trigger. However, dear reader, please find something you love. Do something for you!

(PS Come to an OKC Improv show soon! http://www.okcimprov.com)


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Bagels and Bonus Miles

Yesterday I made bagels for the first time. I don’t pretend to be the Chicago Bagel Authority, but they were pretty tasty. It’s a recipe that’s taken over the internet, made with equal parts flour and Greek yogurt. In a day where I’m attempting to limit bread, these hit the spot.

I used the bagels to fuel me for 4 miles as part of Half Marathon Training. At the last minute, I signed up for the Cold 5K. After the race I would get my “bonus mile.”

The only other time I have intentionally gotten in 4 Miles was last summer at the McNellie’s Pub Run. On that day in early May, the temperature was a sunny, hot 85. That run sucked for me. Yesterday’s sunny, cool 45 temps are definitely more my cup of tea. I’m definitely a cooler weather girl when it comes to running.

This concludes my first week of half marathon training. I’m so very grateful to be part of OK Runner’s inaugural training group. I have some great friends running with me, including Molly who is with me in this picture.

Another exciting thing happened yesterday too. My mom drove for the first time since her fall. She did awesome! So proud of her!!!


Eating Healthy at Provision Kitchen

As I write this, I’ve just finished my lunch at Provision Kitchen. This is not a paid review.

I cannot tell you how glad I am that this place is a mile from work. Since I rejoined Weight Watchers I’ve been eating here about once a week. Everything is fresh, organic and sourced as local as possible.

Today I ate grilled pineapple, roasted brocolli and roasted shrimp. OMG. This meal cost exactly zero Weight Watchers points.


I forgot to take a picture today but here is my meal from a few weeks ago. I had Cole slaw that day instead of broccoli.

Check them out in Nichols Hills Plaza.


Workin’ on a Rewrite

“I’m workin’ on my rewrite, that’s right
Gonna change the ending
Throw away the title
And toss it in the trash”

-Paul Simon


My friend Melissa posted this image and I found it perfect. Never ever did I imagine myself running for fun. I’m the girl who;

-Forged a note from her dad in elementary school so she didn’t have to run.

-Accidentally on purpose forgot her Keds so she didn’t have to run in middle school.

-Used to think Running was for fast people like my boyfriend in high school who ran cross country.

-Got winded after 30 seconds when I first started From Fat to Finish Line’s Run Your First Mile program.

I still walk more than I run, but running has made my walking faster. My breathing is not quite so labored. I’m getting stronger and I’m having fun.

A few years ago I realized I was living on autopilot. Nothing was changing.

You cant change past chapters in your life, but you can rewrite the way your story gets told.

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First 5K of 2018

Today marked my first 5K run since I signed up for the Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon. The Blastoff 5K marked the opportunity to assure 3 Miles in line with my training with OK Runner and Landrunners.

A month ago I joined Weight Watchers again. My meeting time is at the same time as my race time. I debated on what to do, but ultimately decided to weigh on my home scale. I was thrilled to step onto my home scale and see a 6 pound loss since I began the program. Just like my running, slow and steady wins the race!

The star of the day was my mom. She broke her hip the Saturday after Thanksgiving. She gets stronger every day and has kicked ass with therapy.

Today I took her for a manicure and dinner and drinks at a new to us place, El Toro Chino.

Overall days that are this great don’t come along that often. I’ll take it!




The Grinder (Doesn’t) Rest

For a short while there was a show called The Grinder starring two of my favorite actors, Rob Lowe and Fred Savage. It was campy, cheesy and I loved it.

Well tonight I went to OKC’s treadmill gym and took a class called The Grinder. It combines 25 minutes of treadmill interval training and 25 minutes of strength training.

It was tough but I really enjoyed it! I liked being pushed to run a little faster but still efficiently.


After I got home, Mom and I had a healthy dinner of Caprese Chicken, air fried brocolli and Brussels and a small portion of pasta. We generally eat mostly protein and vegetables. This came from the Easy Freezy Freezer Meals Whole 30 menu, except for the pasta  I’m not eating W30 but have rejoined Weight Watchers so I appreciate the low point meal!



Running to 2018


I had a great 2017 though I was again neglectful to this blog.

A highlight of my 2017 was traveling to Ireland with a group of people I had never met.  We first connected through a company and community called From Fat to Finish Line



I credit this community and the friends I have made with helping me become the best me I can be.

I’ve climbed rocks in Ireland, crossed a scary bridge that wasn’t scary, run steps I never thought possible, danced in the rain in London, and literally grew by leaps and bounds.


  • Later this year, I reconnected with my FFTFL crew to support them in Vegas for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon.

I never dreamed I’d be the girl who took runcations but here I am!

in addition to the Oklahoma City Memorial Half, I have plans for Kansas and Minnesota. The sky’s the limit.